Saturday, October 17, 2009

Floorganization is Fatuous?

There was an outcry (actually, an "outlaugh" but that's not a word...yet) as I read the short message left by SemperBlotto:

SemperBlotto deleted "floorganization" (Fatuous entry)

Lisa and I had so much fun adding our new word "floorganization" to yesterday. We were official! Floorganization was official! But SemperBlotto didn't think so.

Adjective (per

fatuous (comparative more fatuous, superlative most fatuous)

  1. Obnoxiously stupid, vacantly silly, content in one's foolishness.

Usage notes

  • Refers especially to foolishness and disregard of reality.

And so continues the war between "creative" and "reality." Those that would label creative expression as stupid or fatuous.

Since floorganization is a word from the Chaotish language, maybe SemperBlotto is right. We are disregarding English reality to introduce a "foreign" word. LOL And yet, I'm already thinking of other ways to mainstream this brilliant word that describes a very "real" way of organizing used by people the world over.

Any suggestions on how to mainstream new words? Do you floorganize? Check out our upcoming podcast on floorganization (coming soon!), I think you'll like it!

PS. Please note that we recorded the podcast before this happened on think you'll find our podcast most relevant, especially those of you who have had or do have people telling you you are not living in reality with all your creative, divergent, or unique ideas or ways of doing things.


  1. I believe SemperBlotto is most fatuous in deleting the entry of our word "floorganization" from the wiktionary. Someday soon this word will be common parlance, and SemperBlotto will have to recant.

    For those of you curious about the definition, which we must now state here instead of gracing the wiktionary with our cutting-edge brilliance, "floorganization" refers to the act of organizing any manner of things--papers, books, magazines, clothes, stuffed animals, etc.--by using floor space. We will soon post pictures to show examples of floorganization.

    And yes, Wendy, "outlaugh" is, as far as I'm concerned, the latest entry into the Chaotish language. As fatuous as it may sound now, it too shall be common parlance before long.

  2. I think you should start your own Chaotic/Creative Dictionary on the web. Then you can get your own following of people who benefit from your words and their definitions are think they are brilliant!

  3. I find Pile Management to be an essential component of Floorganization. I wonder, though, once items are floorganized, is it necessary to transport them to another organizational system, or do you find floorganization to be the final destination? Do you have suggestions for convincing others (particularly spouses) that floorganization is a viable, efficient method?

  4. Lisa, thanks for putting the definition of "floorganization" up there. Much needed. And I've added "outlaugh" to our Chaotish dictionary. And way to use "most fatuous" in a sentence! LOL

    Brenda, I love your idea of starting our own Chaotish dictionary. We'll have to look around for some supporting program to help us do that...there must be something out there. Thanks!

    Lori, great question about if floorganization is a final destination...I guess it depends on your project and how big your items are. I find that with books, the floor is the final resting place until the project is over or someone comes over and I have to defloorganize and then refloorganize later when they go. LOL When you have to work with other family members, I'm wondering if there is some space that could be set aside as floorganization area that is "sacred." Maybe a community area so that everyone has a space to use for floorganization.