Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Managing Your Energy

A few weeks ago, we shared a podcast about protecting and renewing our energy. Kathy Loh, PCC, CPCC, MA, life coach and wonderful wild woman, commented about this topic on our blog. In fact, she stepped onto her energy-management soapbox, and wowed us with her passion and ideas. We so loved what she had to say that we invited her to play on Planet Chaos with us for an episode. And guess what? She said yes! We hope you are delighted and challenged by what we discussed. Pancake!

NOTE: It seems our technology of late has had Lisa scubadiving off the shores of Planet Chaos during podcasts. The good news? Lisa can apparently talk while underwater (oh, there is no end to her talents). The bad news? It's slightly challenging to listen to. We want you to know we're aware of this problem, are seeking solutions, and appreciate your patience while we resolve it. Thanks for sticking with us!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks again for joining us on the podcast, Kathy! You brought lots of good stuff to the call on energy management!

    Lisa, yet again you are amazing with being able to be underwater and co-leading a podcast at the same time!

    My take-aways: I love the energy audit idea, learning that vacuums can suck our energy, that energy vampires really do exist, that highly sensitive people can pay attention to their energetic "profile" and accept it as ok, and finally to pay attention to transitions in your day and opportunities to renew your energy...

    Whew! Lots of good stuff here...and I'm off to try out an energy audit!