Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dog Poop @ Midnight

It was a dark, dark night...very dark. Skippy, dear Skippy, needed to go for his late evening walk. And since I was the official dog sitter, it was my turn for dog duty. I put on his "you'll feel sharp electrical current if you do not behave" collar (Skippy was a big, big dog), got out the plastic bag for the anticipated dump, put a key to the house in my pocket, and off we went. Everything was fine until we got to block number three, third house on the left...the sniff-around-and-time-to-poop location (all dog owners know what I'm talking about). Skippy did his business. I then proceeded to fulfill my part of the program, but for the life of me could not find the poop. The house lights did not extend far enough into the yard to be of any help. I could not find it!

So. Now what? Well, first of all, the title of this blog came to mind and I laughed. Second, I went through my I go back to the house, get a flashlight, and come back to do a search-and-pickup? Do I knock on the door, at this late hour, and let the occupants of the house know I'll pick up the poop the next day? Do I just continue on our walk and bless this neighbor's yard with a "gift" to help their soil receive additional, needed, and helpful nutrients?

Well, dear Planet Chaos friends, I must admit I went for option number three. I know, I know. I totally wimped out. My sense of responsibility is stilled pricked as I think about it. As I write this now, I'm wishing I had gone back to get a flashlight (or knocked on the neighbor's door, lol) would have made for a much better story on many levels. ;)

What is your relationship with nature and animals? I'd love to hear your stories of successes, failures, dilemmas, and learning opportunities of taking care of our planet (Earth, that is).


  1. Oh my! Loved the story. I walk my 80 lb black lab, we call her Kitty, and take two bags with yet have run out of bags! The dilemma that presents itself! LOL

    Kitty is getting old and have begun to give her the supplements I take ( and the improvement has been incredible.

    Enjoyed your writing! I'll be back to read more.

  2. What?! You didn't do your doggie duty after your doggie did his doody?! LOL! (I probably would have made the same choice!)

    I love the question about the relationship we have with nature. It makes me curious as to my role in the system of nature, and the role of nature in the system of me. "Nature smart" is one of the eight multiple intelligences about which Howard Gardner writes. It is an intelligence that can be part of a person's gifted profile.

    I must admit that I score comparatively low on this intelligence. But I do feel responsible for our environment, so I do what I can to save energy and water. And I do feel fed by our environment--when I'm in nature, I feel a greater connection to my spirit and the Spirit. I like how nature and I reciprocate with each other, in something of a nourishing relationship.

    Great question, Wendy! I hope we get more responses!

  3. You know, Dog Poop @ Midnight would be a great name for a rock band. Just sayin'.
    I've unfortunately done this when my dog decides, mid-walk, that it's a "business" walk instead of a pleasure walk. She obviously forgot to inform me before we left. I have to just go with the "all things belong to nature" approach at those moments. It's a different story when it's my lawn, however. ;)
    My relationship with nature is tenuous at best: I leave it alone, it leaves me alone. We all get along a lot better that way. I just took the multiple intelligences quiz and I'm music all the way; nature was pretty low down this list...right above math, I believe.
    Lisa, I think the nature intelligence may be different than caring for the environment. I think caring for the environment could also fall under interpersonal (we're all on this rock together) as well. Just a thought.
    Curious to see how others reply.

  4. Pam, that is amazing about Kitty needing more than 2 bags! Sounds like the supplements are really doing their job. Glad you liked the post. ;)

  5. Jen, I think its an interesting distinction you make between nature and the environment. In my eyes they've seemed so intertwined because of commercials and shows/presentations I've seen that link them tightly together. And yet, in my personal experience, I have a different relationship with nature than I do with caring for the environment.

    It seems like a connection with nature would fuel the desire to care for the environment...and, I guess it could start the other way as well. I'll be thinking more about this...