Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Growing a Frog in the Comfort of Our Home!

Meet Squirmy the tadpole. He (or she--we're not sure) is the newest addition to our family. The requirements for pets around here rival those for gaining a top secret security clearance, so Squirmy is our best bet: no mess and low maintenance. (Unlike Skippy from our previous blog post, Squirmy won't leave "presents" on the neighbor's lawn.)

Squirmy arrived today after weeks of waiting. We bought the Grow-A-Frog kit and mailed in the gift certificate, and until today I've listened to multiple despairing questions regarding Squirmy's ETA. Fortunately for my sanity, a small styrofoam package came with today's mail, and our pet owning adventure has begun.

I anticipate this will be an interesting experiment on three fronts. First, I look forward to watching a tadpole turn into a frog. I've never seen this metamorphosis up close and personal, and it intrigues me. Second, I can't wait to see my kids' reactions. They totally dig this kind of learning. Already they've shown so much excitement over Squirmy, and as s/he changes, I imagine my children will bring an energy and joy to the process that will fuel my own. And third, this experiment will show us how well the kids can care for a pet. Who knows--if they show themselves to be unlike most other children and truly take the responsibility they've promised to take with Squirmy, the pet restrictions around here may lift, and we'll actually be able to own a higher maintenance pet...like a sea monkey.

Time will tell...


  1. I wish all metamorphosis was this low maintenance, observable, and relatively quick! Transformation in larger systems can easily become disheartening because it takes a lot of investment (in many arenas)...is not always easily observable...and takes time, much more time than a tadpole turning into a frog.

    Metamorphosis (aka transformation) on a large scale requires patience and a commitment to the bigger, long range picture/hope/dream/goal. The "system thinking" view of time acknowledges both the short term and long term results. And don't give up if you have been waiting a long time for your personal or corporate metamorphosis...who knows but that your observable change is just around the corner.

    To learn more about system thinking, check out Linda Booth Sweeney's website at http://lindaboothsweeney.net.

  2. How fun! I remember watching tadpoles when I was a kid, though my mother would have had all sorts of fits if we'd done that in the nice, clean environment of our home.

    And wow, Wendy! Here I was thinking that Squirmy's arrival and metamorphisis could be great fuel for the creation of fairy tales. :-)

  3. Works for me! There would always be happy "endings!" LOL (get it?)

  4. Squirmy is starting to grow his back legs! I just showed them to PMG, and she said "He is sooooo cute!...I wish we had a dog."

  5. Uh oh! The dog discussion has semi-started! ;)

  6. Hey Lisa, what's the latest on Squirmy?

  7. His transformation is almost complete! He has two legs and two arms, and his tail has almost completely disappeared! The odd thing: he's way smaller as a frog than he ever was as a tadpole. Room to grow, I suppose!