Thursday, June 30, 2011

Creating Challenge #2--We're Halfway There!

Hey, everybody!

We're at the halfway mark of our most recent Creating Challenge. Congratulations for making it this far! To celebrate, we made a podcast just for you--it was our creation for Day 4. It's a little on the rough side--Lisa sounds sometimes as if she's underwater--but we decided to eschew perfection and embrace enthusiasm.

So please take about eight minutes to listen to our five-minute podcast. And thanks for embarking on this challenge with us!


  1. Podcast length update: This podcast is actually 8 minutes 35 seconds total - only 3:35 over our 5 minute goal. So close!

  2. OK, folks! We edited the podcast so it is actually 8 minutes 35 seconds rather than the 17+ it was, which included lots of dead space at the end. We hope this works better for everyone! (Unless you really needed 8 1/2 minutes of silence--then we apologize greatly.)