Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Creating: Not Just for the "Creative" Anymore

"Oh, I can't participate in a Creating Challenge. I'm just not a creative person."

We tend to think that creating is the realm only of the creative: the artist, the writer, the musician, the dancer, anyone with a hand in a free-flowing expression of self. When we don't fall into a more right-brained way of being, we dismiss the concept that we, too, can be creators.

Well, none of you get off that easy! ;-) We are throwing down a Creating Challenge, not a Creative Challenge. Creating is different from being creative. Many creative people don't create at all. They dream big dreams but for whatever reason cannot put pen to paper, hands to clay, or voice to microphone. In contrast, people who create begin a project and finish it. They conceive of something they want to exist in the world, they do what it takes to bring it about, and once it's completed, they release it into the wild.

That's what this challenge is about, and therefore, it can include any number of projects. For example:
  • Cooking a beautiful meal for family and/or friends;
  • Developing a time map for your week;
  • Making a chore jar for your kids, filled with slips of paper that list daily chores;
  • Devising an Excell or Numbers document to track your expenses;
  • Writing an itinerary for an upcoming trip;
  • Replacing a torn screen in your screen door with a new one;
  • Arranging a restful space in your home for mediation, reading, and other quiet pursuits; and/or
  • Creating anything your heart and mind can imagine!
The Creating Challenge can also include ventures we more traditionally call creative, so go ahead and write your poems and songs, paint your pictures, mold your sculptures. Whatever you choose, take ten minutes to two hours to dream up something and make it real.

So, let's brainstorm some more potential projects. Please comment below and let us know some creations you might bring to fruition during our Creating Challenge! And in case you need the details for our Creating Challenge, you can find those here.

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