Friday, June 17, 2011

The Creating Challenge - Day 4

Hello, all!

Well, yesterday was the last day of our challenge, and I (Lisa) celebrated by finishing a drawing I'd begun on Day 3. I followed the process and found it easy since I already had a vision from the first day of drawing. It was simply a matter of completing what I'd begun. I would not have completed the drawing as quickly as I did had I not been involved in this challenge.

I am so happy we did this challenge. It felt good to create each day and to reflect on the process. I am much more in touch with ways I create daily. I hope we do another and longer creating challenge soon. Make sure to follow our young creator Micah who has already begun his own seven-day challenge! And stay posted for our next event--we'd love to have more people join us and tap into their own creating energy!

(And now I've created yet another blog post!)


  1. For my second day, I created a short story. It is still technically a work in progress, but it's going well. It's a sci fi ish story about a man who discovers a genetics firm that changes his life.

    I also unintentionally ended up aiding in the creation of several hundred cookies for a program at my church.

  2. That is way cool about your story! And isn't interesting how we find ourselves creating things all the time, such as those cookies? I've been noticing how I'm in the creation process much more than I think. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Day 4 completed! My last creation for this challenge was completed over a 5 day period and was official as of 4:30am this morning!!!! Woohoo! I'm excited about this particular creation because it has been in the works for 4+ years and this creating challenge gave me the momentum to finish the paperwork to make it real. I finished the application process for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and submitted it. This took many hours of inputting my coaching hours for the past three years into a spreadsheet and formatting it per ICF specifications. Mission accomplished!

    My favorite part of this creating challenge is the satisfaction of completing my creations. And Robert Fritz was so right...that satisfaction has a momentum to it that carries me to the next creation.