Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Creating Challenge - Day 3

It's amazing that we are already on Day 3 of The Creating Challenge!!!

My (Wendy) creating challenge today was to read a short booklet I've had on my "list of things to read" and then use it as inspiration to create four exercises that teams can use to get past their creative or relational blocks. The goal was to have a short description for each exercise so that I can revisit it at a later date and add more detail for a step by step process.

I found that by approaching this as a creating challenge, I was able to accomplish the task more quickly than I would have otherwise. After reading the booklet, it took about 15 minutes total to come up with each of the four exercises with their description and name. At completion I found that I did not want to spend any time being with what I created but I wanted to be done and go on to the next creating challenge which was to create this blog post. Then I will be complete. Except then I want to start the next creating challenge which may be a two day project...

This is actually really addicting!!! Having a structure for creating, as simple as it is, gives direction to the process and gets both my right brain (creative) and left brain (structural) engaged. I love it!

What is it like for you by Day 3 of your Creating Challenge? Share in the comment space below!


  1. Today I've experienced Creativitum Interruptus. In fact, even as I type this comment, I am being interrupted. This is my life as a mom--many of my projects are interrupted and not always completed. I don't want to make that an excuse; I also want to acknowledge a reality in my life that many others may experience.

    All day I've had in mind that I am to create something. My original thought was to begin and complete a drawing I've wanted to undertake for awhile. Then, as I found myself at Hobby Lobby with my daughter, buying materials for a creation she wanted to make, I thought of other creating possibilities. Specifically, I thought of creating an area of my home for beauty. I have a particular piece of furniture in mind for this area, and Hobby Lobby had these types of pieces on sale. But nothing felt right, and I walked away without anything for this particular creation.

    Throughout the day, I found myself creating other things: a peaceful environment for my daughter to play in with her friend, a taco salad, an e-mail about giftedness, etc. I noticed how often creating came into play in my day. Simply reframing much of what I do as creating--because it IS creating--gives me a lift.

    I did eventually attempt my drawing, and I made fair progress on it though I did not complete it. But at least I'm on my way...and I know for sure which creating project I will undertake tomorrow!

  2. I have started my seven day challenge. Just made a suit of cardboard samurai armor. Wanted to start with a bang

  3. Hi Micah! Welcome to the challenge!

  4. Micah, that is a definite bang to start with! Can't wait to see what else you create during these next seven days. Please keep us posted!