Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Creating Challenge - Day 2

Phew! It's been a grueling two days of creating, but we're halfway to the end of our challenge! (Pausing for laughter... What? No laughter?)

Today I wrote a blog post entitled "Meet Me at the Intersection of Gifted Way and Asynchronous Drive". I had promised someone I'd write a blog post for an event she's organizing, so this was a creating opportunity with a deadline.

I followed the process we've laid out--the four steps outlined in "The Creating Challenge - Day 1." I knew I wanted to write a blog post, and had a vague sense of the topic. But I really didn't know what to envision other than a finished blog post. The current state of the creation was just a few ideas in my head, so I moved straight to taking action. I dove into writing and found I had little direction. I had to stop to do some brainstorming, then something coherent seemed to come together. After tinkering with wording and grammar, I hit "publish," and now I have another blog post out there in the world.

As I sit with that reality, I'm feeling grateful yet separate from my creation. I usually feel good when I complete something such as this. I don't feel particularly euphoric today, but I'm thankful that I met the day's challenge.

The irony here is that I'm creating another blog post to describe how I've created a blog post. Maybe a little laughter is called for now? (C'mon--I'm beggin' ya!)

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  1. Love it, Lisa! I think that is very ironic and par for the course! :)

    Day 2!
    As I reflected on the outcomes of the three small projects I completed, I was able to see where they had room for improvement but were "good enough for now" and were complete. As a recovering perfectionist, I'm learning to appreciate and be comfortable with the "good enough for now" designation.

    I also realized that I was much more adept to being conscious and intentional for step #4 than step #1. (See Day 1 blog post for steps 1-4.) This is something I want to change by slowing down at the beginning of my projects so I can more consciously begin with a clearer picture of the end in mind.

    How about you? Do you tend to be more intentional at the beginning, end, middle of a creative event/project/process?